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We control both Master & Publishing rights for the majority of our catalog. On these tracks no third party consent is needed. Any exceptions are always clearly stated.

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Our catalog consists of music from the most exciting and prominent indie labels in Scandinavia and elsewhere. Here's where you'll find the next Robyn, Lykke Li or Peter Bjorn & John.

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We have gone through great lengths to ensure that the process of searching for music, listening/downloading and clearing the rights for it is as simple as can be.

Recent Placements

Kick-Ass 2
Ravens Vs. Patriots game

Both “The Dude” and “Into The Night” by Chords were featured during montages at Sunday’s game (20/2 2013) between Ravens Vs. Patriots on FOX.

Start-ups: Silicon Valley

Light by Swedish band This House is featured on an episode of the MTV series Awkward.


Conquer Me by Namur was featured on episode 018 of the CW show Ringer.


Big Bad Black Dog Blues by Andi Almqvist was featured on Justified on FX.

Battlefield 3

“Rebel Arms” by Immortal Technique is featured on one of the biggest games of the year, Battlefield 3 (release date Oct. 25th)


Danko Jones, Suck Shaft and MF/MB have all been featured in the eight season of CSI:NY.

True Blood - Season 4

Danko Jones track "I'm Alive And On Fire" was featured in last nights episode of True Blood. (July 17)


Mar 28, 2013

The track Dance by Feeble Music artists Danko Jones was used in the international trailer for...

Jan 22, 2013

Both “The Dude” and “Into The Night” by Chords were featured during...

Aug 07, 2012

New Feeble artist Big Swede was featured on last nights episode of Alphas (SyFy) with the track...

Jul 05, 2012

Feeble Music track Light by Swedish band This House is featured on todays episode of the MTV...